Leuven VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology

07 Nov 2017


VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology

Jean-Christophe Marine Lab

Bio IT



New emerging technologies for DNA and RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) and, in particular single-cell DNA/RNA-seq, are revolutionizing biology. The Laboratory for Molecular Cancer Biology is using these technologies to probe the magnitude and dynamics of intra-tumour heterogeneity and dissect the mechanisms that bring about phenotypic diversity of cancer cells and study their contribution to tumor progression and therapeutic resistance. We are currently looking for a talented researcher with computational skills to analyze and interpret the data we generate.

In your role, you will support and contribute to projects and collaborations by performing downstream analysis of next-generation sequencing data. You will apply and optimize standard protocols. Depending on your experience and qualifications you will develop new pipelines for single-RNA seq data interpretation. You need to be able to organise and troubleshoot your practical work independently, document it thoroughly and communicate results and experiences with the team in a collaborative and professional manner.


As an ideal applicant for this position:

  • You have a master degree and/or PhD in the Life Sciences, Engineering, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computational Science or equivalent.
  • You have experience in bioinformatics programming and statistics for bioinformatics, including linux, scripting (e.g. Bash) and R (incl. Bioconductor). You also have experience with or a strong interest in high performance computing clusters.
  • You have experience with or a strong interest in the analysis of next-generation sequence data such as whole-genome sequencing, CNV, Structural variation and RNA- Seq.
  • You have experience with or a strong interest in single-molecule, real-time sequencing.
  • Interest and basic knowledge in (cancer) biology or genetics is considered as a plus.
  • You must have good, open communication skills and be willing to support the other scientists of our team

We offer

  • The ability to learn, work with and become an expert in RNA-seq and single cell profiling technologies.
  • An exciting work environment where quality, professionalism and human contacts are paramount.
  • The ability to work on scientifically exceptional and high impact, state-of-the-art projects.
  • The opportunity to be part of a new, young and dynamic team and provide a meaningful contribution to genetic and oncological research.

How to apply?

Motivated candidates are asked to apply online. Applicants are invited to send their CV (including a list of your scientific publications) and a cover letter describing your motivation and background.

For more information on this position, please contact Michael Dewaele or Roseline Vandecasteele