Contract Manager

Ghent VIB Headquarters

22 Jan 2018


VIB Headquarters


VIB is an excellence-based research institute dedicated to high-impact life sciences research and world-class technology transfer. VIB Scientists pursue basic molecular life-sciences research with a strong focus on translating scientific breaktroughs into novel technologies that improve patient-consumer lives.

VIB's Tech Transfer team consists of IP, business development and new ventures managers, supported by a highly skilled administrative para-legal team. The tech transfer team is highly complementary and works closely together.

Job description

VIB is looking for a paralegal position in charge of processing a large flow of selected types of contracts.

The candidate will be able to acquire new skills through formal education and on-the-job training in drafting, negotiating and managing basic contracts, including the language of legal terms and definitions, in an academic technology transfer environment dedicated to life science research.

Specifically, the colleague would, once fully trained, handle the following aspects:

  • Initiating and maintaining professional communication with both scientists as well as representatives from universities, research institues and companies by email;
  • Discussing materials exchange-related matters and research collaborations with VIB scientists and external academics;
  • Managing template agreements available for material transfer, confidentiality and research collaboration in het context of academic collaborations,
  • Negotiating outgoing and incoming MTA's, CDA's and collaboration agreements, with regard to the priorities for VIB;
  • Following-up on efficient negotiations,
  • Administration/processing of established contracts in the electronic database;
  • Ensuring exchange of documented confidential information and/or meeting minutes;
  • Coordinate with the VIB grant office on contractual matters for approved grants.
  • Being involved in the design of improvements in general office administration and office IT technology to accelerate output, including the implementation of an electronic administration system with electronic signature;
  • Being involved in legal research on changes in regulation (e.g. GDPR, Nagoya protocol,...) and the implementation in day-to-day contracts;


  • Highly organized candidate with attention to detail and deadlines
  • Interested to learn, contract drafting and due legal course
  • Master level education
  • Affinity with life science research is desirable but not required
  • Team player but independent in the work environment 
  • Professional communicator, verbally and in written communication (in English)

We offer

  • A stable, professional and stimulating working environment with a vibrant team of colleagues.
  • Opportunities to take on initiatives that help improve productivity - in particular in paralegal IT solutions.
  • An attractive compensation package based on expertise and experience.

How to apply?

Interested candidates are asked to apply online.