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Leuven VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research

05 Apr 2018


VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research

Adrian Liston Lab

Technical Support


About the Lab

MutaMouse and the Translational Immunology Laboratory is looking for a skilled and motivated research assistant. MutaMouse is a VIB-University of Leuven core facility for the production of genetically modified mouse strains. 

The Translational Immunology Laboratory is an internationally recognized research group is embedded in the infrastructure of the VIB and KU Leuven and consists of three major research divisions: the tissue and disease team, the molecular Treg team and the primary immunodeficiency team that unite to understand the factors that influence immune activation and immune tolerance.

Job description

A position is available for highly motivated candidates with a background in molecular techniques and cell culture. The candidate will be part of an interactive research team. The position can be filled at a junior or senior level, depending on experience.

A successful junior candidate will support MutaMouse and the molecular Treg team performing techniques such as PCR, cloning, sequencing, transfections and cell culture (especially mouse embryonic stem cells). Planning and troubleshooting of experiments is expected as well as excellent documentation. 

The possibility exists for a more experienced candidate, with the above responsibilities plus the involvement in the design and generation of knockout alleles using CrispR/Cas9, as well as a management support role. 


Ideal candidates will exhibit:

  • A background in molecular techniques with hands-on experience.
  • Experience in ES cell culture is an asset.
  • You possess a degree in Biomedical or Biological Sciences (Professional Bachelor/Master/Engineer) or equivalent experience.
  • The successful candidate must be meticulous, detail-oriented and self-motivated, and able to interact well with other members of the research team.
  • Immunology experience is not required.
  • Excellent communication skills in English (written and spoken).

We offer

Financial support is available for 2 years. Opportunity for extended contract and promotions is available, based on candidate performance.

How to apply?

Motivated candidates are asked to apply online before 1 May 2018. Please use the VIB HR Application tool.

Additional requirements: please submit a full CV, a brief summary of technical expertise. The coordinates of at least 2 references should be mentioned.

For additional information concerning this job please contact Susan Schlenner

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