Technology Development Specialist

Ghent + Leuven VIB Headquarters

29 May 2019

Ghent + Leuven

VIB Headquarters

Scientific Services and Support


The Technology Watch Team at VIB is continually analyzing the potential of emerging and disruptive technologies that can be used to advance research at VIB. Where appropriate, we mediate privileged access to these platforms by forming partnerships and negotiating purchasing licenses

VIB is currently looking for a qualified and motivated Technology Development Specialist.

Job description

VIB is looking to hire a Technology Development Specialist to develop and evaluate single cell sequencing applications. In this role, you’ll closely collaborate with the Single Cell Accelerator (SCA) program to develop and optimize molecular and cellular based assays for single cell omics analysis. The SCA program was launched in early 2018 to ensure VIB’s prominent position in the single cell field. The funding in the SCA allows evaluation, integration and development of breakthrough single-cell technologies at VIB, often in partnership with the Industry. Areas of great interest include single cell RNA-Seq, Proteogenomics, Nuclei Seq, DNA-Seq, spatial omics and cell manipulation.

In addition to developing single cell sequencing assays, you will work closely with our PI’s / Industrial partners alongside the Technology Innovation lab where prototype instruments and early-stage technologies from high-potential Life Science fields are evaluated and developed. You will actively explore breakthrough life science technologies and instruments through pilot projects with the aim to create value for the VIB community (through papers, IP, service fees etc.).

Your skill set in Life Sciences is adaptable, you are fascinated by new technologies and have some experience in working with disruptive platforms. Alongside this, you have strong interpersonal skills and therefore have the ability to work with multiple PI’s / Core facilities in a flexible manor.

Your profile

  • Ph.D. in Life Sciences, preferably with a molecular biology and cell biology focus
  • Experience in technologies related to Single Cell analysis / Assay development / Sequencing (eg. 10X Genomics, DropSeq, InDrop etc.)
  • Strong hands-on lab skills and troubleshooting experience
  • Strong and broad interest in the interplay of science and technology
  • Strong capability to work independently as well as in team
  • Excellent organizational, communication, writing, networking, negotiation and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent IT-knowledge

How to apply?

Applications for this position should be written in English and include:

  • A 1-page cover letter
  • A 1-2 page CV, summarizing the applicant’s career, including a list of publications and contact information for three referees

Applications (cover letter + CV) should be submitted as a single pdf file.