Experienced Postdoctoral Researcher in Structural Biology

Brussels VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology

21 Apr 2021


VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology

Joris Messens Lab




A postdoctoral research position is immediately available for structure-function studies of fluorescent-protein based biosensors to dissect intercellular metabolite signaling. Successful candidates will join the exciting research environment of the Messens VIB-laboratory in Brussels at the Center for Structural Biology, home of the Belgian facility for Bio Electron Cryogenic Microscopy

The Messens laboratory is recognized as a world leader in the redox field, and the lab provides an outstanding position in protein biochemistry and structural biology, in a highly dynamic and team-oriented research group. In this cutting-edge research environment, you will tackle essential biological problems in metabolite signaling using your structural biology expertise.

Mission of the lab

Redox and metabolite signaling are crucial for the proper functioning of the cell. But what are the exact players involved? And by which mechanisms does signaling proceed? The mission of the Joris Messens lab is to find answers to these questions. By using a combination of biophysical, biochemical, and structural techniques, we identify redox-sensitive proteins and determine the architecture and conformational flexibility of redox-relay signaling complexes. To understand the crosstalk between redox and metabolite signaling, we develop new tools for sensing subcellular redox and metabolic fluxes.

Your role in the lab

You will take on the role of structural biologist in a project that exploits prokaryotic proteins for the de novo design of biosensors with a fluorescent read-out for both in vitro studies and live cell imaging of cellular metabolic changes. You will be responsible for the purification, crystallisation, data collection, and structure solving of biosensors by X-ray crystallography. Further, you will be expected to use your expertise to support other projects in the lab, for example, to determine how PTMs affect peroxiredoxin structure and function.

Your profile

Applicants should be teamworkers who have obtained a PhD within the field of structural biology and must have thorough hands-on expertise with protein purification, crystallization, data collection at synchrotron beamlines, and solving protein structures. Fluency in English and good communication skills are a must. Experience with biophysical techniques, or neutron diffraction crystallography is a plus.

How to apply?

Please include a cover letter discussing your interests in our laboratory and projects as well as your CV and a list of 3 individuals as references when applying to Jobsoid.