Mass spectroscopy Bioanalysis scientist

Brussels VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology

27 Jan 2022


VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology

Jan Steyaert Lab

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17 Feb 2022

The Steyaert lab pioneered the use of nanobodies for chaperone-assisted X-ray crystallography aiming at the highest hanging fruits of structural biology including membrane proteins, amyloidogenic proteins, and now also (transient) multiprotein complexes. The elucidation of the first GPCR structures in the agonist-bound active state demonstrated the power of Nanobodies to stabilize G protein coupled receptor conformational states including transmembrane signalling complexes. Recent work focusses on exploiting the conformational complexity of therapeutic targets for Nanobody-enabled drug discovery and on the applications of nanobodies in single particle cryo-EM. Three successful biotech spin-offs valorize the unique family of single domain antibodies (nanobodies) derived from camelids: Ablynx, Agrosafve, and ConFo Therapeutics.

For its Proteome-scale Nanobody discovery program, the Steyaert lab is seeking an innovative and critical scientist with expertise in mass spectroscopy to join our Nanobody platform development team. The successful individual is expected to be highly collaborative and to be excited to take on new challenges. The position is a hands-on role with a significant degree of autonomy.

The successful candidate will:
• Introduce and broadly apply mass spectrometry to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of antibody-protein and protein-protein interactions.
• Develop and implement (semi)automated high-throughput methods for proteome-wide protein-antibody interactions
• Introduce SILAC-based methods to identify antibodies in complex samples


• Proven record of Mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation operation and troubleshooting
• Hands-on experience with qualitative and quantitative MS analysis and biological sample preparation
• MS-based proteomic data analysis using multiple software tools
• Proficiency in common analytical methodologies such as HPLC, CE and ELISA
• Experience with automatization and in-house software tool development is a plus
• Demonstrated ability to plan and execute research experiments.

We offer

• Full-time position with an open-ended contract
• Competitive salary and benefits
• A central position and exciting job in a dynamic, innovative and motivated team of scientists in an international research environment
• Room to learn and grow in this position

How to apply?

Motivated candidates are asked to apply online.

For more information, please contact Jan Steyaert.